Live at City Center - Llamas

Announcer: Good evening ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please. The taking of photgraphs, the use of recording devices and smoking are strictly prohibited in this theater...

John Cleese: But are encouraged nevertheless.

Announcer: ...Thank you.

(sound of Mexican dancing, singing and guitar playing)

John Cleese: Señores, señors, señoritas! Buenas noches!

All: Buenas noches!

John : La Llamas es uno quadrupador.

Michael Palin (Announcer) : The Llama is a quadruped

John : (Spanish)

Michael : Which lives in big rivers like the Amazon.

John : Tienne dos areos...

Michael : It has 2 ears, a heart, a forehead and a beak for eating honey. (Spanish) But it provided with fins for swimming. (More Spanish) Llamas are larger than frogs. (More Spanish) Llamas are dangerous so if you see one where people are swimming you shout: (Cuidado! Llamas!!) 'Look out there are Llamas!!'

(They all start singing in Spanish again and finish with an ‘ole to the sound of the audience cheering and clapping)